Newborn Studio Session

Treena B Photography: Baby L Christens The New Studio in Omaha, Nebraska

Moving a business can be very stressful! Especially one like photography, where clientele is largely word of mouth. One positive note, however, is that we were able to buy a home with great space for a portrait studio! There is a huge south facing window for some natural light, as well as room for my large 86″ parabolic studio light from Paul C. Buff. My husband made a large wooden platform that works perfectly in my space for prop shots. I also installed the 9 ft seamless paper backdrop roller system for great family portraits.


The first family in my studio was a young military couple, who just had their FIRST baby! This sweet girl did not want to sleep, but, she was the gentlest soul. Mom and Dad were super tired, and said they basically rolled out of bed (having ignored their alarm several times) to rush to the session at 10:30am. They made a very good team, with Mom feeding, Dad burping and both showering Baby L with love and tender kisses. Dad was on leave from Offhutt Airforce Base, near Omaha, Nebraska, and was a huge help at our newborn portrait session.


Our first prop set up was this cute little cradle I got at the local antique shop (The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Omaha, Nebraska There is a hand crocheted chanille “rug” underneath (yes, I have taken up knitting and crochet ;)), and a little silk flower vase I picked up at my favorite store, Target.


This is a great set-up for the newborns, because they are wrapped snug as a bug and feel so cozy in the cradle. If they start waking up, I can actually rock the cradle to get them back to sleep! I loved this bright, clean, feminine prop shot, with a touch of dusty pink popping out.


The next set-up ended up not being my favorite, so I am not including a lot of images from that one. I like to experiment with color combinations, textures and props…sometimes they are amazing, and sometimes they don’t photograph as well as I envisioned it in my head. But, I did like Baby L on this wine color fur…


By this point in the session, it was time for a break, a feed and some cooling off. We brought out the pink fur and this adorable outfit by Edna Magdalane (, for some sweet, feminine, soft womb poses. I love getting babies comfy in a little curly ball, like they were in Mommy’s tummy.



I also had this beautiful outfit by Nela’s Style ( that I was excited to use for the first time.


And finally, as a special request from Dad, who was going to deploy in a month, we took some pictures of Baby L lying on Dad’s uniform. I have no doubt that these images will bring a smile to his face on those long days and nights serving our country in far away places…some, not so nice places.


If you appreciate the sacrifices of this military family, and want to wish them well in this first step into parenthood, give this blog a “like” and share with your friends.

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